An uplifting, ebullient and delicately fizzy fragrance inspired by the warm Mediterranean sunshine, Citrus Bigarade is the latest addition to the Acqua Originale collection from The House of Creed. The perfect trans-seasonal choice to lift your mood and conjure up summer in one single spritz, this vibrant Eau de Parfum is a refreshing & mouthwatering cocktail of clean, cool and luminous notes that will instantly awaken the senses and transport you to a harbour in the heart of Southern Europe, where the cool sea air and scorching sun meet. Bursting with zesty lemons and juicy mandarins layered with white pepper, a hint of cool peppermint lingers through the base notes, whilst vetiver and ginger fuse together to create a refreshing blend that bottles the heat of summer in a luxurious art deco bottle.


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