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The Perfumes Room is a United Kingdom perfume retailer founded in 2020. Developed by our CEO to make authentic fragrance brands and luxury perfume brands accessible in West Africa at an affordable price. Our headquarters is in London England, with a distribution center across West Africa including Nigeria, Ghana and Sierra Leone.
We are UK's largest International fragrance retailer and we offer FREE standard delivery to all our customers in West African Countries. Our team are dedicated to reaching customer expectation and providing all luxury fragrance brands, celebrity perfumes and after shaves. We are dedicated to provide the best customer-service and reach customers expectation at value for money prices.
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  • Top Quality
    We never compromise on quality, our perfumes are of top quality.
  • 24/7 Support
    We offer support 24/7 customer support on working days
    We partner with completely flexibility, timely and reliable delivery service
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