Close your eyes and feel deeply the luminous pull of a rose moon. Discover a time to escape as sweet cherry-almond dances euphorically with a heart of ethereal florals. Ribbons of caramel lace warm sandalwood. Intriguing orange blossom layers upon delicate white musk. Let go. Believe in the Orb of Night.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Everyone has an important role to play to reduce the negative impact we are making on the planet. At Ghost, we are doing our best to find better ways to produce our products kindly and sustainably. We have designed the giftsets to be carbon conscious. We have reduced the amount of packaging we use and opted for pieces that can be reused and enjoyed over and and over. please recycle at the end of use.

Inside you will find..

Ghost Orb Of Night Eau De Parfum Minauture 10ml
Ghost Rose Gold Nail Varnish 10ml

Ghost Orb Of Night Eau De Toilette 10ml Gift Set